Welcome to my blog!  I’ll be sharing pictures, experiences and thoughts about life as we go on our international journey over the next 6 months (or maybe more?).  Just a little background- Shane (my husband) had the opportunity to work abroad and since we love to travel and the time seemed right- we jumped on the chance.  I am currently on a leave of absence and while Shane is working here- I’ll be…..well- just enjoying myself!  I am more than grateful for this opportunity and plan to fill my time with what brings me the most joy.  When Shane is not working, we’ll be enjoying time together and having fun; exploring new places, cultures, people and experiences.  Originally Shane’s work was going to take us to just India for 6 months, but as turned out we were presented with the opportunity to work in and visit multiple countries (which we wholeheartedly took!).  Our Yonston family motto is “Keep it Moving” and so, here we go!



2 thoughts on “keep it moving

  1. Kelly and Shane, I’m so excited to hear all about your adventures. What a dream come true to be able to have the time to really experience the cultures of the places you’ll visit. I am going to forward your moms email to my son, David’s girlfriend,Jenny. She was born and raised in Thailand and could also be of help if you have questions. Love and Best wishes, Aunt Patti


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