wherever you are, be all there

Sometimes it’s hard to really be where you are.  You can travel all over the world, but where is our mind?  Is it thinking about the past?  Is it worrying about the future?  Are you making a to-do list or having conversations in your head?  As humans, we all do this; but it really takes us out of the moment and our present experience.

Over the past years of studying Buddhism and mindfulness, I still constantly struggle to be where I am.  However, I’ve also learned the important skill to notice when I am somewhere else, and then make the choice to be present.  For both Shane and myself, it has been life-changing and something we have committed to continue to practice everyday.  Sometimes one of us is in the moment and the other is somewhere far away.  Sometimes we can gently bring the other back and appreciate the reminder, and sometimes that ends in annoyance and a lot of eye-rolling.  It will never be perfect, far from it, but it’s the practice itself that helps us to grow as individuals and a couple.

Although I really want to document my experiences with words and pictures, I’ve struggled to make the time to do that; simply because it feels so good to not be in front of a computer or reaching for a camera every time I see something beautiful or interesting.  It’s a good problem to have!

Feeling at peace.





3 thoughts on “wherever you are, be all there

  1. Ahhh…I can feel the peacefulness…so happy you two are enjoying each moment. I will practice by not asking for more pics! LOL! Love, Momma


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