getting our feet wet: day 1 in railay beach

On the first day of arriving somewhere we’ve never been, we just kind of wander around and get an overall feel for things. Sometimes this takes a couple days until we get really comfortable and have our bearings.  But, since Railay is a small peninsula only accessible by boat with only foot traffic (no cars or motorbikes here!)- it didn’t take too long to settle in.

We checked into our place and headed right towards the beach to read, relax and just stare at the amazing scenery around us.  I’ve never seen anything quite like Railay, with these huge tower karsts jutting out of the blue water, covered in green.  Don’t know what tower karst is?  Neither did I!  Click here and learning something new today.


It was really hot and the water looked amazing, so we quickly jumped in the Andaman Sea.  Happiness!  Warm, clean and clear- a far cry from our typical San Diego Pacific Ocean water.

After we floated around for a bit, we walked around to check things out.  Railay is still (very thankfully) pretty underdeveloped and it really feels like you are in a jungle that is just breathing life.  The sounds, the smells (well, not all of those are good- I’ll get to that later), the animals, the feel of the air. Railay is very RAW.

About 30 minutes into our walked we had one of the most amazing experiences; it gave me the chills!  We were walking along a path between a cave and tons of trees and what seemed like out of nowhere, dozens and dozens of monkeys came leaping out in front of us.  They were swung from the branches, climbed over a fence, jumped to the ground and then bounced back up; running up the rocky side of the cave into the hills.  They were so big and there were so many of them at once that I just froze and watched it in awe.  I love nature.  A couple little monkeys (click for a short video)stuck around by us and we stuck around and checked them out.   IMG_2157

We ended the day with a pretty perfect sunset on the beach and watched as the sky got dark and the beachfront lit up with colorful lights.  Here is a little clip of what we were watching.

We settled right into Railay Beach and were ready to go a little further the next day….I just didn’t realize how far we were going to go!


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