cherished moments: our last days in thailand

Our last days in Thailand were bitter sweet.  We were both sad to be leaving a place we loved so much, but excited to move onward.  Luckily, we didn’t spend much time thinking about either….just enjoying our last moments there.  There are too many memories and emotions to write but in a nutshell, Thailand came to a close like this:

Victory!  Koh Lanta is a slow island with only a handful of main roads so it was much safer renting a motor bike here (as opposed to Chiang Mai).  IT WAS SO FUN!!  Shane drove because he didn’t trust me driving (no comment), and we cruised from north to south all day; stopping at the beautiful beaches……

koh lanta

….and then a hike spot that was supposed to lead to a waterfall. It’s the dry season so the waterfall was pretty non-existent but the hike itself was gorgeous; jungle-like, green, and teeming with the sounds of life.  And, it was really, really hot. We were drenched in sweat  with our shorts and t-shirts on.  Then we came upon a Thai trekking guide who had on skinny jeans, a black button-up shirt and nice shoes.  He had not a drop of sweat on him!

Next we headed down to the Koh Lanta National Park and walked around.

There is a lighthouse at the southern tip and the view from there is gorgeous…spanning the beaches on the east and west side of the island.


The last beach of the day was the perfect time for a soak.

To end the day, we headed back up the coast, got a bite to eat and stopped to watch the sunset.


The next day, we had to ourselves: Shane headed out to a snorkel trip that required a 2 hour boat ride.  It ended up being the best snorkeling of his life and was at a world renowned spot called Koh Rok.

Snorkling 4

Since I get motion sickness I chose not to go on the snorkel trip.  I was sad to miss that experience with Shane, but  I wasn’t sad to spend the day cruising around on the motorbike 😉  Alas, I could drive myself.  Shane may not have trusted himself on the bike with me, but I had no problems.  It was definitely an adjustment driving on the left side of the road- especially when I needed to turn right- such a mind shift!  At first, I was pulling a Zoolander- I just couldn’t turn right.  Instead I’d pull over, go across the road and then merge back with traffic.  But, after a couple times I got the hang of it and it was all smooth sailing.   I went to the beach, had a great lunch, read, journaled and drove to Old Town (which turned out to be one of my favorite spots).

Shane and I met back up around 4:30, jumped back on the bike and started the 30 minute ride to Old Town for dinner as the sun went down.  On our way there, we saw a group of Thai people playing volleyball and of course we stopped so Shane could check it out!  Bump, set spike 😉  The town is all lit up with red lights at night and the feel is best described as like an old western town.  Which, seems out of place in a good way in Thailand.


Next day- checked out and headed to Krabi town to catch a flight early the next morning.  We chose the minibus option instead of the boat so I wouldn’t get sick.  When the driver opened the door, the bus looked totally full of people and luggage was piled everywhere.  He insisted there was room and we squeezed it, climbing over bags and suitcases and putting ours on our lap.  So we were surprised when the driver made another stop to pick up more people!  And then more people!  This minibus was seriously so packed that the driver had a suitcase that was resting on his head.  It was insane.  In Thailand, things that you think will never work, somehow end up working out.  We got to Krabi in one piece!

On our last night, we went out for a bit and came across a place playing great music and had tons of games to play.  We met people from Mexico, Canada, Germany, Switzerland and played life-sized Jenga for hours until it was time to say au revoir.

Our time in Thailand could not have been better and we left even more in love with the country and the people than we thought we could.  We will be back, Thailand!  Thank you for all the reminders that…..




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