happy mother’s day from the mother city!

A commonly-used nickname for Cape Town, which is the oldest town in South Africa, is the “Mother City.”  I’d like to take a moment out of my time in the Mother City to wish MY mother, a Happy Mother’s Day. 🙂

This is my mom.  Isn’t she beautiful?


For those of you that know her (which I am guessing is most people reading this blog), you are aware that she is just as beautiful on the inside.  I mean, how could she not be?  She came from my grandma who was an AMAZING human being.

Grandma- the life of the party!

Liz might be pint-sized……..


………but she has a heart as big as the world and is maybe the most giving person I’ve ever known. Ever since I’ve been little, I’ve marveled at my mom’s selflessness, which genuinely seems to make her the happiest.  I remember, when I was very young,we had pierogis for dinner, and every time– my mom would cut the yummy crispy edges off of hers and give them to me, because that was the only part I liked. It made me feel so loved.  It’s the little things, ya know?  I could give you a million examples of things she does, but that one stands out for some weird reason.

What I love about Liz, is that she is so open to the world.  She is loving and accepting and really just wants others to be happy.  And, Liz is down to say “yes!” to whatever Shane and I suggest.  Some of our most fun times in San Diego is when she comes to visit!

“Mom, want to play bocce ball?”



“Mom, do you want to try paddle boarding?”


“Mom, do you want to go volunteer at a senior home in Costa Rica?”

Sounds great!  I’ll set it up.


“Mom, let’s go to the casino, have beer and chicken wings and take a selfie!”


“Mom, you wanna put your hair in pigtails, go to Mexico, and have some beers?”

I’m ready!!


“Now how about some churros at the border?”  YES!


“Mom, want to dress up in 80’s workout gear and make a joke video for Julie?”  She was all over that!


Liz is down to have fun.

Every time she comes to visit me, she leaves my house more clean and beautiful and alive than it was before.  I go to work- and she gets to work!  Cleaning my oven, my windows, dusting, painting, and planting new things.  She’s quite handy, that Liz.


 The mere mention of something I would like her to do, and she is 10 steps ahead of me.  I thought I would like her to make a tshirt blanket out of my running race shirts…..just like she made for my dad.  Within 24 hours….it was done.


My mother is a lover of all things heart shaped, which she has since passed on to me.  Each time I find something heart shaped along our path….I love to think of her.

heart shaped leaves in Santa Monica

She has two daughters that she would do anything for…


…but is just as much a mother to her son-in-laws too….


Sometimes we make fun of my mom for taking soooooooooo many pictures- and we call her “the paparazzi”, but in the end, we are happy to have those memories captured.


Mom- no matter what we do, what time of the year, and where we are…..it’s nice just to be with you.

Mom- you know you are my everything.  Happy Mother’s Day to you.

Each time my feet touched the earth I knew my mother was there with me.  I knew this body  was not mine alone, but a living continuation of my mother and of all my ancestors.  These feet that I saw as “my” feet were actually “our” feet.  Together, my mother and I were leaving footprints in the damp soil.  – Thich Nhat Hanh

Now, if you are reading this; In the comments section, please write a memory you have of Liz, why you love her, or even something about your own mother!  Happy Mother’s Day to mothers everywhere 🙂


28 thoughts on “happy mother’s day from the mother city!

  1. In an “off hand” remark I recently referred to Liz as my “Guru”. At first I wondered where that came from. But it’s true, she has taught me so many deeply important and life changing things. You are so blessed to have her as your Mother.

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  2. Ah, Kelly… What a wonderful Mothers Day gift… It’s a little blurry though…😊 I will have to read it again and look at the pictures when I stop crying! Thank you from the bottom of my grateful ❤️!!!😘😘

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  3. Oh Kelly, the tears are flowing here! I admire everything about Liz. Her compassion for everyone, her zest in life and her love for you and Julie and Lucas and Brooke are just a few of the reasons. From the first moment we reconnected, she has embraced me as a part of the family. I’m forever grateful that she was able to do that. I know I don’t need to say this, but you and Julie are the luckiest daughters in the world, to have Liz as your mom. Hugs and safe journeys. I’m following your steps!

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  4. After drying my tears, I reread the post and thoroughly enjoyed all the memories you chose, Kelly! Thank you for making my Mothers Day so special…even when you are a world away… ❤ Momma

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  5. My childhood is filled with memories of Liz. I remember her taking us to spend summer days at the East Side Y, and sleepovers there too…remember those?! Her zucchini bread with ingrediants from your backyard garden, and her taking me along for walk/runs. I distinctly remember going across E. Grandview once and her teaching me to pick a landmark (stop sign etc) to run to and then take a break and walk a little. I would use this when I was training for the half marathon after not running for a long time. I just remember her always letting me be part of your family. Happy Mother’s Day to my childhood second mom! 😘💗


  6. Liz is my calm. She is my true true friend always. Always there for me. I love you Liz. Kelly and Julue you have a very special mom. My mom is very special too . Just like Kiz she never says no , even at age 90!! Love her lots too. Xxoo

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  7. She is indeed everything you said and more!

    On Sunday, May 8, 2016, – Touch Here To Connect – wrote:

    > touchheretoconnect posted: “A commonly-used nickname for Cape Town, which > is the oldest town in South Africa, is the “Mother City.” I’d like to take > a moment out of my time in the Mother City to wish MY mother, a Happy > Mother’s Day. 🙂 This is my mom. Isn’t she beautiful? For” >

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  8. The wonderful spring breaks and Easters spent together with Liz, Bruce, Julie and Kelly. I couldn’t have picked a better sister in law. Love you Liz. Happy Mother’s Day!

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  9. I love this post!! Liz is truly a gift from the universe and has been motherly and supportive to all of us in so many ways. I remember when Liz first came to visit when we were living together and I was like……that’s your MOM?? She’s so cool! And so fun to be around and she’s got such a huge, open heart….you and Julie got so lucky. I was so touched by how genuine she was when she asked me questions about my life and my happiness. I got lucky by extension, because she has always been so wonderful and supportive.
    Happy Mother’s Day, Liz!!


  10. I hope to one day meet this awesome Liz on her next trip to San Diego!! Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day!!!


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