road trip day 10 & 11: underberg -> drakensberg

Due to bad health, we had to change our plans for the final days of our road trip and as luck would have it… really worked out for the best.

Our last destination was the Drakensberg Mountain region.  This wasn’t on our original agenda, but after talking to multiple travelers who insisted this was one of the most beautiful parts of the country, we wanted to make it happen.  But, instead of heading to a backpackers hostel with no heat (it’s COLD here at night in the mountains!) and taking the 12 hour hike that we had been planning on for months….we needed to give our bodies some TLC.

We decided to take advantage of how far the dollar goes here and “splurge” a little bit.  I goggled “Drakensberg accommodation with heat” and we ended up at one of the best 4-star hotels in the area….which ended up costing less than a Motel 6 in Erie, PA.

Champagne Castle is nestled right up to the mountains and couldn’t have had a more dramatic and beautiful backdrop.

img_7166There was a game room, outdoor chess, a pool…..


And a trampoline!


And since it was so close to the mountains, the trail heads were right off of the property.  The sun was about to go down when we arrived, so we just wandered around in disbelief of how beautiful it all was.


And watched the mountains glow as the sun went down.


The next day, it rained, was pretty cold, and there was very poor visibility.  I was SO grateful that we were not on a 12 hour hike and that things worked out as they did. We were also supposed to go on a sunset horseback ride that night but it was cancelled due to the rain. So we were happily stuck in the mountains with nothing to do, nowhere to go, no reception and limited wifi. 🙂

We ended up taking a walk in the mist, which ended up being 3 hours and led to a waterfall.

Then we took advantage of all the toasty fireplaces in the lodge and the game room.

The next day, the clouds parted and the sun came out!  Just in time for a morning horseback ride before hitting the road.


Those last two days were perfect to start winding down, reflecting on our trip, and just being with each other before the reality of the busy American life hits us hard.


One thought on “road trip day 10 & 11: underberg -> drakensberg

  1. Things really did work out for the best! Peaceful, relaxing, warm… With a little hiking and a horseback ride to top it off in those beautiful surroundings…a happy ending in the Drakensberg Mountains ❤️… Starts my day off with a smile😄


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