the healing energy of love

The last 9 days were spent with one of my best friends in the beautiful, beautiful town of Tamarindo, Costa Rica.  I feel good 🙂

I’ve actually can’t remember the last time I felt this good mentally, emotionally and physically.  As many of you know, I have an auto-immune disease that has caused me a tremendous amount of pain in the past.  I’m very happy to report that my flare-ups are getting less extreme and further apart.  I decided to not take my medication before I left on this trip even though it had been a while since I took it.  My body feels stronger than ever and  I’m attributing it to soaking in the healing energy of so much love over the past 6 weeks.

My time in Tamarindo was very relaxed.  Lauren needed to work a good bit and I enjoyed the down time.  Tamarindo and the surrounding areas have so many beautiful, beautiful beaches and the sunsets always seem to be picture perfect.

Most days were spent lounging at the beach. playing and floating in the waves, surfing, and drinking out of coconuts.  Tamarindo is one of the most dog friendly places I’ve ever been; everywhere you go, there are dogs. I had the best time with this adorable 1 month old puppy who wanted to be held like a baby and sleep on my tummy.

My favorite beach was Playa Avellanas.  A 25 minute drive down a very very bumpy road, and so worth it.  Avellanas is natural and peaceful….hardly any restaurants or development, clean water and sand.

And a 300 pound pig named Lola that I just had to get a closer look at!
Lauren and I rode horses one day it was the best horseback riding experience I’ve ever had!  Our guide, Eddie, asked if we had ever ridden horses before and if we ever went fast.  I told him I’ve ridden before, but not really fast.  He said, “Well today, we go fast.”  So with our bikinis, flip flops and a cerveza, we went from the beach, through the town, up into the green hills overlooking the ocean, and then back to the beach.  Eddie was not joking about going fast- we were flying up the hills and across the beach….it was amazing!

Most nights were spent lounging at the beach, too 🙂  Walking on the shore, listening to the waves and watching the sky change colors.  My mind staying where I was…my favorite place to be.

Lauren’s boyfriend, Sammy, is a DJ so we went out a few nights while he played and danced for hours.  Do you like my elaborate heart made from palm tree leaves?

On my last night there, Lauren, Sammy and I went out dancing and had the best time.  My cheeks hurt from laughing and smiling so much.  I was walking outside to get some fresh air and a girl asked for my help because her shoe broke and she was so upset.  We couldn’t fix it, so I offered her my shoes.

Now, the shoes I had on were sort of meaningful to me.  I only have one pair of flip flops (weird, because I live in a city where you wear flip flops year round but hey, I’m a minimalist) and these flip flops have been with me for years, through a lot of different countries, many different situations.  They have zero tread left on them and every time I wear them in the rain, I fall on my butt.  And every time I fall, I have been met with an outreached hand to help me up.  Some of those hands turned into the hands of a new friend. And each time, it reminds me how much love and kindness there is in the world.  It’s not hard to find a helping hand.   I even had a stranger in Bocas willingly jump into the sea and swim far to save these shoes!

So, with love, I gladly handed them over to help this girl….and was met with gratitude and a big hug…..and then back out on the dance floor with bare feet and a happy heart.

The next morning, Lauren took me to the Tamarindo “airport” which you would miss if you blinked.  We weren’t really sure where the entrance was and when someone walking down through the woods pointed in the direction of a stream- I felt like maybe we weren’t going to the right spot.  But, alas, we were….over the river and through the woods, past the cows, to the small counter surrounded by dogs and onto a plane the size of a minvan  🙂


I love Central America.

Energy vibrates at different frequencies. Love forces vibrate at the highest frequency and is seen as the greatest energy of life and a healing force.  I knew that when I came here to heal, I also came here to love, to be loved and to BE love.  I just never imagined it would be this much.  ♥♥♥♥♥

Thank you to everyone who has been so kind, and so supportive with me.  My deepest gratitude!


4 thoughts on “the healing energy of love

  1. Beautiful, Kelly…thank you for sharing all your love with us. And the elaborate green heart made from palm tree leaves? Special!
    Sharing and receiving love all throughout your journey probably was a boost for your immune system, too! Sending you some right now…hope you feel the vibration ❤


  2. I love that I was on your list to receive this beautiful trip I hope all thinks come together when you land back in CA. Love you Aunt Mary Lou.


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